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Event venue in Alvor, the Algarve

Delegates may consider the meeting facilities set in the Pestana Dom João II as a successful option for business related situations, while enjoying the pretty scenery from this inviting hotel.

Ample capacities, contemporary design and great exposure to natural light, are traits that define the meeting venues this hotel recommends.

The Boa Esperança Room measures 120 sq. m. and has the capacity to receive a maximum number of 100 members, including both banquet and cocktail situations as well. Different seating arrangements may be organised according to the nature of your business meeting too.

The Teatro style can hold up to 100 members, the Classroom style receives up to 50 and the U style has the total capacity to take in 40 members. Still, the space and seating arrangements set for banquets and cocktails, integrates 80-100 within this venue.

The Multiusos Room is slightly smaller than the Boa Esperança Room (measuring 80 sq. m.), nevertheless, is appropriate for more intimate corporate meetings and reunions. With the capacity to hold a total of 60 members, various seating arrangements may also be planned to suit your objectives.

The Teatro style can receive a greater number of people (60 members), the Classroom style holds up to 27 members and the U seating style can take up to 20 members. Organising cocktail and banquet venues are also possible within this space, taking in a total of 50-60 people regarding these occasions.

All equipment necessary, or even packages for these purposes may be requested and planned in order to complete your business experience at this magnificent hotel.